Thursday, April 2, 2009

Melody's Melody (wth is this title?)

Featured Artwork :"Simone Lilicae" - Original Character Design

YAY~~~ second time uploading sketch art for the artblog :3

feel so proud >w<

okok, so anyway, this piece was done as a gift art for HeyBabyDontSad on MangaBullet for being the first to add a favourite xD

im a sucker for gift arts.

that doesnt mean ima be giving away free gift arts always though xDDD

For all you bloggers out there, if you want a FREE gift art/illustration/art request, then drop by either my MB account or DA account and send me a note/message titled "Art Request" BY THE END OF THIS WEEK.

any others that i recieve after 05th April 2009 would be titled "Commisions" and i'll start asking for MOOLAH (money) ~~~


Gift Art Status :

1. King Fanart (Tekken) for Suchalonedisskins on DA
2. Black Star (Soul Eater) for AoiTsubasa on DA
3. Tidus/Zack (FF10/FFCC) for fierydiamond on DA
4. Yamanami Keisuke (Shinsengumi) for Satriakid on DA
5. Illurisa OC (DA) for illurisa on DA

*the requests are rolling in, so book yours now before its too late xDDD

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