Friday, April 3, 2009

Cheese Broccolli :3

Featured Artwork : WIP - Simone Lilicae

so for today, im working on the painting/digital coloring of Simone, and i have to say i've never been more dissappointed in myself.

sure i can still color the tones the way i want them, but its not my colouring thats bothering me.

its the anatomical errros i found while colouring that hurts me.

i totally need to practice facial anatomy...

which is why i have decided to crop this will be finished without a head xDDD

the art would be featured from the nose line downward...more like sensual illustration style where they dont show most parts of the body anyway.

cheatingz!! ( =w=)*

anyway, had really really nice cheese potato and broccoli for dinner...


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