Saturday, April 4, 2009

Shopping Haul 09'

Featured Artwork : -

Hello everyone xD

ok, so for today's post, there wont be a feature of any artwork (taking a break) coz YESTERDAY, i was out the whole day shopping :3

hehe....even went to Carl's JR. for a massively huge lunch :3

so basically, here's pictures of the stuff i pulled in yesterday :

1. Expose 5 - The Best Art in The Entire Universe
2. Color Index 2 - A Designer's Guide to Colors
3. Paradise Kiss - Complete Season (ORIGINAL FTW)
4. Evangelion 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone OST...original too!

.....and here i go..sakai enough to scan the CD and edit it xDDDDD

so today's Sunday...that can only mean that i'll be kicking back, playing Tekken5 on my psp, chilling out with my mp3s and most probably end up doing nothing for the whole day :3


Friday, April 3, 2009

Cheese Broccolli :3

Featured Artwork : WIP - Simone Lilicae

so for today, im working on the painting/digital coloring of Simone, and i have to say i've never been more dissappointed in myself.

sure i can still color the tones the way i want them, but its not my colouring thats bothering me.

its the anatomical errros i found while colouring that hurts me.

i totally need to practice facial anatomy...

which is why i have decided to crop this will be finished without a head xDDD

the art would be featured from the nose line downward...more like sensual illustration style where they dont show most parts of the body anyway.

cheatingz!! ( =w=)*

anyway, had really really nice cheese potato and broccoli for dinner...


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Melody's Melody (wth is this title?)

Featured Artwork :"Simone Lilicae" - Original Character Design

YAY~~~ second time uploading sketch art for the artblog :3

feel so proud >w<

okok, so anyway, this piece was done as a gift art for HeyBabyDontSad on MangaBullet for being the first to add a favourite xD

im a sucker for gift arts.

that doesnt mean ima be giving away free gift arts always though xDDD

For all you bloggers out there, if you want a FREE gift art/illustration/art request, then drop by either my MB account or DA account and send me a note/message titled "Art Request" BY THE END OF THIS WEEK.

any others that i recieve after 05th April 2009 would be titled "Commisions" and i'll start asking for MOOLAH (money) ~~~


Gift Art Status :

1. King Fanart (Tekken) for Suchalonedisskins on DA
2. Black Star (Soul Eater) for AoiTsubasa on DA
3. Tidus/Zack (FF10/FFCC) for fierydiamond on DA
4. Yamanami Keisuke (Shinsengumi) for Satriakid on DA
5. Illurisa OC (DA) for illurisa on DA

*the requests are rolling in, so book yours now before its too late xDDD

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Art Blog...REMIXED!

Featured Artwork :

"5,000 Pageviews feat. Gale and Ocha-cha Dango"

Hello everyone !

It's been a really really long time since i updated this blog. and i know all of you miss me doing that coz of all the random laughs you get out of it :3 (i know its not true but i had to say it anyway...for publicity and stuff >.<) so yeah, i'm back~~ anyway many of you bloggers out there might be wondering why the Zera has been absent from the blogging scene for more than a year now...well i dun really have much of an excuse. Mainly due to the below reasons : 1. Assignment Load...its really killer... 2. Been lacking good internet connection... search google for what im using >.>
3. I could'nt find the time to blog anymore since i had so much to do

and 4. I was mainly concentrating on updating my DeviantArt account. (though not often too)

So then it hit me.

Few days ago i reached 5,000 Pageviews in DA, and usually in DA we call every Thousan-th Pageview a "Kiriban", which in Japanese i think means a twist of good fortune.

* Screenshot of my 5,000-th Pageview...take a look xD

Just to make things better for everyone, i then decided at that point onwards i would re-open my blog...this time with a new aim - An ArtBlog.

So whats an art blog?

Basically, its gonna be a blog where i post my artwork (its gonna be the same like my DA account, only that this one has more random stuff i can have freedom to post in xD)

Since its officially re-opened, POP THE CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE ALL EU PEOPLESSS!!!

New Year, New Direction.

Hello everyone out there in blog land xDD

its been a while hasn't it?


ok so here's the jist of it.

i've got a new resolution and a great idea for this blog that's literally dying >.>

ima turn it into an ART BLOG.

yes, it will feature artworks from my own portfolio...

and maybe i'll try updating it with one piece of work every one or two days...

(i cant upload everyday if i have to work on assignments) xD

so yeah...before i start anything new, ima have to take a few days to change the look of this blog, delete old and useless posts bla bla...

xD stay tuned