Thursday, June 21, 2007


bad news first i guess...

first off, lets see, had a gigantic fight with one of my friends today. Lol. Typical me ? i dunno. i dun usually get pissed off at people, but this time, what to do? x3 ...the arguement went nowhere though, in the end i guess i lost a friend..regret regret...but hey, i guess apologies are on their way...haha^^ HX, if u are reading this...sorry wo~ didnt mean to drag things this far...^^

next ah? hmm...ok...more stress down at campus..Mr.William took a look at my submitted work for the final piece of life drawing this semester...although it was a redo piece, he still shook his head and said i could do better...i dunno if it was meant as an encouragement or not...but i felt as though it was more of a disappointment rather than encouragement

moving on...somethin to be more cheerfull about x3

been immersing myself in my music again...yeah yeah its nostalgic and euphoric...but what else am i suppose to do? besides, listening to music does help ease tension^^

ooo i bought a magazine today (yeah thats right, a magazine!!!)...its a mag about games and anime and stuff like that, cost me 25 bucks...but well, kinda worth it. the only reason i bought it was because i loved the graphic illustrations on the cover and throughout the mag...i dun think id be reading the!!! just flipping thru it to admire the illustrations... x3 typical me

hmm....i did get a sms from Natasha earlier on...according to her a bunch of high school students will be dropping by our uni campus tomoro..and oh joy im on the tour guide list again~~ cant blame it, ive got the looks ^^ i'll probably blog about it tomoro after the event^^ stay tuned~

erm...have been playing around with photoshop and im working on several pieces of a3 sized black and white pieces as stay tuned^^ i might post up the progress here on this blog soon, but i gotta get myself a scanner first...and ive gotta dig out my camera...god knows wjere did i put it...

and i just noticed that my blog sorta lacks photos doesnt it? lol!!! well i cant exactly be posting my own pics here can i? i'd scare the living daylights outta all of u who are reading this blog...halloween isnt suppose to be here yet x3

before ending this post, just wanna share a great pic...^^

its a pic from my all time favourite korean artist.. KIM HYUNG-TAE ~~~ x33333
this pic drives me nuts everytime i look at it~~~
visit the forums here

any comments u all wanna give about my blog or what not, ur more than welcome. better yet, dont hold anything back. just shoot^^


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bittersweet days


I can only describe these few days as utterly bittersweet..why?


...ok that said, i bet you all can already understand the pain i had to go through...its been almost two weeks since i have been my life non-existently in the real sux, period. living without a working modem or internet connection can really kill me...its like forcing me to breathe without air... X3

anyway, another catastrophe happened to land on my shoulders....apparently Mr. William wants me to "redo" and "reshade" my entire life drawing final piece...gawd it sux...ive got a slim time limit of up to this thursday before 5...get out the coffee and pencils its time to burn midnight oil again T.T

that said, at least now i have a working modem again ^^ thank is so much more worth living with a working internet connection^^ ~~~

i did manage to catch up on several activities i have left out of which is watching picked up a copy of the AIR GEAR anime set in stores, and i can just conclude it in one word .... AWESOME!!!! Great character development, great concept, great BGM , great color schemes, great plot arrangement, great dialogue...i just love it! u should definitely grab a copy and watch it...5 star rating!!!

Ouran High School Host Club?! yeah just another anime i managed to get my hands on...its dead funny. Simple,Kick-in-the-face,u-never-laughed-like-this-before comedy jam packed into one anime show...!!!! another 5 star rating!!!

erm..another thing...i've been like, spending the last few days at EiChi ne-chan's house with Jim and photoshop ma o.O erm....exact details on the day progression? kinda lazy to type it all out here....maybe check out EiChi's blog..i think she'll blog on it... X3

Lol...Natasha's birthday is another event i managed to attend during the time i lost contact with the internet was serious fun though, i definitely recommend checking out the post done by EiChi about it on her blog...and please watch the burping contest video ^^ dont misunderstand...i didnt take part in it...i was just there to be the victim of insane teens whopping down cans of coke and burping their lungs out....gawd i wish i had air fresheners with me at the time...

^^ anyway, im back~~~!!!!