Friday, September 21, 2007

Assignment Tsunami~

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gyaaah~! Assignments incoming!!! RUN!!!!

....-.-" as if its not stressfull enuf rushing the assignment projects that are due next week, our lecturer added some more assignments!!! and guess what? ALL MUST BE HANDED IN NEXT WEEK ALSO....

die lo die lo.....cant enjoy the weekend liao....sien....

haiz...T.T someone help help help HELP.....


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Shinsengumi 新撰組

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Hey all^^ sorry for today's late update, had a really busy day..

guess what? i went to the tailors all over kuching today. NONE of them are actually free to help us out with making the costumes for the cosplay event on 30th September, which is next Sunday...i was so bloody pissed! Lucky for us, i knew a friend who's aunty can we ask her help us make the costumes loh^^

oh and btw, Ayato's uniform too complicated le, so in the end i use my Plan B^^ wanna know who im cosplaying now? see :

its Nagakura Shinpachi from Peacemaker Kurogane!!!! wheeeeeeee~

........... and a spoiler, this is what my costume will look like loh :

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cosplay preparations

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Yo all! thanks for coming back to my little blog to read on about today's post^^ today we had a small gathering for the LimKokWing Comic Club @ AKIYAME...and guess what we were talking about??? COSPLAY!!! yeah, we were all very very excited that we would be joining the Swinburne Anime & Manga Society @ SAMS for the September 30th Charity Cosplay event down at civic centre...wahahaha....

guess who i will be cosplaying?.....Kamina Ayato from RahXePhon!!!

hehehe...tomoro is holiday for all of us at LimKokWing who are in Degree GOING TO TAILOR!!! i wanna make this costume fast coz its less than one week away liao...cant wait >.<~~~

hmmm....currently we have a list of cosplay characters that will be going to the cosplay event lo...we got :

Kamina Ayato (Rahxephon)
Yufi (FF7)
Ichigo (Bleach)
Rukia (Bleach)
Ringo (Air Gear)
Kyo (King of Fighters)
L (Death Note)
Assasin Cross (Ragnarok Online)
....and several others havent confirmed~~~

But this is going to be so much fun, we cant wait to join the other cosworld cosplayers at the event^^

see you there!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Emilio Valentino Model Audition

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...haha, hi hi everyone^^ the title says, today i received news from one of my campus seniors that there will be a MODEL audition for Emilio Valentino!! yes, they are looking for beautiful and talented young people like you guys reading this to be their models!!! look at this : wanna join don'tcha? haha^^ here is the information regarding this event :

Venue : LimKokWing University (Kuching Campus)
Time : 4pm - 5pm
Date : 24th September 2007 (Monday)
Age Limit : 18 - 25 years old
Gender : Male or Female

....moving on....
guess what? today my name appear in newspaper leh!!! haha^^ some article regarding the GOTH party our campus organized for the new intake students lo...the event actually is in July de, dunno why until now then it appear in newspaper loh...wanna read about it? look for this in Eastern Times of 18th September 2007 :

eeeeyer....glamour-nye my name appear in newspaper..AGAIN... -.-"

oooo and today my lucky day also leh!! wanna know why? coz...I drink cola for breakfast then found a lucky coin in class^^ see :

wahahahahahaha....i love coke!!!!!!!!! and thanks Sarah for using ur finger to point at the coin^^ Eh Sarah is a model leh, i couldnt afford to pay her to pose with the lucky coin T.T..but she very nice loh , coz she offer me to use her finger for the coin photoshoot (FREE OF CHARGE!)...wahahahahaaha............. o.O"

....and because its my lucky day, i also ordered something new from MoMo Toys~~~ wanna see?

wheeeeeeee~ its a 1/8 scale PVC figurine of "Hired Guardian Ekidona"~~~`
omg it looks damn nice doesn't it??? I CANT WAIT FOR IT TO ARRIVE!!!

gyaaah XP~~

Monday, September 17, 2007

My New Figurine!!! XP

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Song of the day : "Rollercoaster" by Kent

hi everyone! yoroshiku onegaishimasu~ Zeraato is back for another blog update^^ so what is today's special feature? well....its my nw figurine!!! want to know more ah? read on :

*ahem ahem*...i arrived at campus today very very early...zzz i had nothing to do so i walked around, and this gigantic sign always annoys me, coz its like in the middle of no where, and its so HUGE!!!...i f**kin hate the thing, so i thought to myself "hey why not i take a picture of this bloody thing so i can annoy everyone who reads my blog?" i did exactly that...shyt logo. i have no idea which shyt designer came up with that logo but it really really SUX. -.-"

although i am studying at LUCT my opinion...this uni a bit....sux loh....LOL!!!! no offense ah...

ohohohoho...then lar, i went to wings coffe loh, guess what i saw?....this :

its Ah Siaw!!! usually Ah Siaw would be breakdancing all over campus (yeah he cleans the campus floors with his shirts o.O") or pakto-ing with MiMi...but lar, today surprise leh saw him sitting like hunchback in front of the laptop.....its like he is being sucked in the screen....either that or he was watching p0rn zzzzzz.....look very hamsap loh... -.-" him also din reply de...kek tiok sia....

haiz.....moving Creative Studies 2 loh...have to do that bloody comic assignment...very sien in class so i just lepak here and there, snap random shots of people and things in class -.-"...
but!!!! BUT!!! i saw Ivan coloring his comic illustration~ it looks very nice ma so i just take a picture for u all see loh...must share nice things hor~ see im so nice.... -.-"

...ok enough of that...time for the juicy bit......

SORHYU ASUKA LANGLEY!!!!! my new figurine!!!!!!!!! gyahahahaha it arrived at momo toys today lo, so i went to pick it up...omg i was so excited when i saw the box, wahahahhaha....but leh, suppose to come with another REI AYANAMI de....but according to MoMo, they made a mistake during the shipment process, so i have to wait another 2 weeks for the Rei to arrive lo...NeVerMinD!!! for now im happy with the Asuka~ wahahahahahaha....

see the simplicity? its so so so so so SO SO SO SO F'kIN CUTE!!!!....yes u all can drool and eat your hearts out...wakakakaka... *pokes* it ma? wahahahhaahahah i love it so so so much~!!! cant wait for the Rei to arrive so i can complete the set T.T....faster come liao....sobz....

ooo i'll also be posting the pics at the Akiyame forums, so link through my page and go check it out^^

Sunday, September 16, 2007

of laksa and teh-c-peng

hello is the long awaited update for today's blog news^^ thanks for waiting and stopping by to read about it~~~^^

now i want to make u all feel super leh? how how??? look at what i had for breakfast :

omg u all MUST see this picture...its my BAD ASS TEH-C-PENG!!! walao eh im not joking see this pic...sure u all pengsan one...just look at the size, compare la! wahahahahaha drink until no energy leh....
wahahahaha...and then halfway thru breakfast i simply took pictures with my nikon d80 ler, and guess who i saw??? i saw Cookie Monster leh~ last time i graduate from chsm1 le then didnt see cookie monster liao, such a coincidence i saw her at chong choon cafe this morning...i took this photo of her without her knowing...gyahahaha!!! *sayang my AF Nikor zoom lens*
look at the cookie monster :
but of course after i took this photo i sms cookie monster to kacao her lo...then she saw me....damn that camera flash must have gave her a hint to where my position was...LOL!!!
who want her number ah? i have leh...wahahahaahahah!!!
hmmmm....oh ya! today is grandma de birthday leh~~~ wanna see pics i took this afternoon at the birthday "party"? hehe..come see see....first pic is grandma's house chawan road^^
then i show u my cousins....all very gila de....look at the bunch of them...all zombie in front of the laptop and one more cousin 5 year old nia got psp liaoz...kek tiok lo...

wanna know something worst? my aunties also a bit funny de loh...still play hide and seek boh! dun believe me? look at these pictures....
..........swt......very swt............... my reaction was this when i took the pictures : -.-"
lol...and the rest of the pics are as follows :

Saturday, September 15, 2007

bla bla bla and more bla ^_^

before i move on to more of my random-bla-ness, i'd like to give a shout out to everyone who is watching my blog : GOMENASAI~~~~~ i hadn't the time to update my blog in a while T.T blame my studies! nyahaha...

waahaha....first time attending the bloggers gathering lo...see we had to sign this very muhhibbah looking poster thingy^^ loves it see see

anywayz, guess what? I MET JIMMY CHIN!!! YES, JIMMY CHIN!!! who is Jimmy Chin i hear u ask? well...its Jimmy Chin...the Jimmy Chin...the one and only Jimmy Chin...the Jimmy Chin who is the one and only Jimmy Chin...Jimmy with the surname Chin...the Chin guy named Jimmy...Jimmy Chin. YES THAT JIMMY CHIN. and not to mention that Jimmy is the leader of the cosplayers in Kuching, erm i think the group is called Cosworld. joining! being the president of the LimKokWing Comic Club, how can i pass up this opportunity to kacao Jimmy leh? our comic club is a member of the Cosworld group the way,here is a pic :

not only Jimmy leh, i also met Haru!!! who is Haru ah? legendary Haru lo...densetsu nou Haru chan....hmmm doesn't ring a bell? maybe this will help :
wahhaha...Haru is also an "Elite" / "Pro" cosplay person!!! Gyaaah look at the scared T.T ...but lar...Haru is very nice loh, i thought she would eat me alive but she very nice of the first few people at the event who talked to me lorh...yay Haru banzai~
hmmm...oh ya and i also met another interesting person at the blogger meet, guess who??? Allen larh!!! wanna see him? nah look look...
word of caution...don't be fooled by his innocent look...Allen is insanely insane o.O"...just like me -.-" im just joking, Allen is a really great guy (don't get any wrong ideas, im straight thank you very much). and on top of that, we had uber fun annoying Fion with our random camera flashes...flash flash flash...and More flash...wahahahaha we were evil when it came to annoying Fion ...gyahahaha i think Fion should be half blind by now >:3

besides meeting other bloggers la, the event had other interesting activities too~ i didn't take part though, and damn regret sia coz there was money involved...rm250 for the winner and rm100 for the first runner up...whats more annoying is that participants had rm50 too!!! CIS!!! if i knew ah, i would have lunged into the crowd liao....earn money wahahahahaha~~~
i know u want to see the im just gonna post them here before i tio spam

...ok moving on, i have started my new deviantart account~ ....go support my little gallery pls^^ i am currently accepting art commissions, art trade is in progress, with a friend of mine who goes by the name Bloodhaunt^^ i haven't posted the character art there yet because its not finished but i will probably finish it up this week^^ now there is mostly photography stuff in my gallery, mainly coz i havent the time to post nor finish any of my art...but rest assured it will go up A.S.A.P~~~~ lol...

if u want me to draw a character of you or any other requests, just email me or leave a message at my deviant gallery^^...who knows? if im in a godd mood i might even do it for you for FREE!!! wahahahahaha

surprise also doing a character design piece for KennyKyre~ my didi ^^ wahahahah...coz its for his birthday, and i dont know what to get him so i decided to draw his maple story character loh...i will post it in my deviant art gallery soon as well...HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENNY DIDI!!!!

.....last but not least...assignments are really killing me....people were really not joking when they said that studying at LimKokWing was a health turning into a panda already!!!! gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...........wanna kill my lecturers whenever they pass on assignments...*polishes rifle*.....

so i guess thats it for now...stay tuned to Zeraato FM for more news soon...ja-ne~