Saturday, May 17, 2008


Featured Song : "Love Today" from Mobile Suit Gundam 00
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Well, its been a long time since i posted anything havent i? lol.

First off, if you all are wondering...its all because of current internet service provider in Desaria (Cyberjaya)...for some screwed and unexplained reason, the university hostel has made a dealing with MyKris so that they are the only service provider in the area...or at least, in the hostel. We can't even get Streamyx service here. its not allowed.

in any case, just a random post.

lately, have been discussing a lot of moral issues of youngsters in forums and as well as discussions with various educational figures in and out of the country. Sadly, a lot of sick shit is happening in the minds of the young generations - especially thos kids that live in the city and think they are big shots just cause they are exposed to various media.

One very good example would be the recent quarrels and fights amongst friends. Children nowadays think they own the world and think they are the smartest just because they play a lot of online games or just cause they are exposed to different culture settings. this is seriously sick. they say things to elders as if they are the best in the world, and when an elder tries to whack some sense into their brains, they gang up and shoot back as if they would win.

the sad fact is, they are just so misguided and confused. they dont even know that the things they are saying is actually making lots of people laugh at them - due to their immaturity. Instead, they claim those that try to advise them as immature. Now question : who is the immature one now? answer is...them. any mature adult would use half their brain or even less to already understand that they are wrong, but those kids are so blinded by their own arrogance, they think they arent immature.

i bet that even after reading the fact above, they'd be spamming in chatboxes everywhere or even complaining in blog posts that "oh that guy is so immature for saying that i am immature, how old liao?"....lolwut? who's the immature one by posting that line?

in case they havent noticed, the scolding that was given to them actually made them stop quarelling and unite together to shoot back. dont they realise that when they stop being immature and start thinking with their brains, they can actually achieve something better in life?

....ok enough with the philosophy crap...onwards to more random blah...

hmm, ano ne...finals coming again. i absolutely hate doing group work, especially when the group members live in different hostels, cant get anything done...sigh

eh....forgot what was i going to post d...