Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kuala Lumpur MOE!!!

Hey all peoples that check my blog everyday...HELLO!!!!!

hmm...ano ne...i know its been really a long time since i even updated my blog assured, there is a really good reason behind it. And no, im not making this up...the reason i havent updated my blog is because....


yay! <<< thats what most people would say i guess :o ! but, well, my reaction isnt that big at the be honest, i felt kinda bummed.... not because i had to leave my family behind (yes, im evil that remorse whatsoever OMG!), but surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) due to the fact that i would be leaving a stable 1gb internet connection behind *sobz*...

and well, the internet connection here is damn'd think that in the capital of Malaysia i'd get some decent internet connection speeds...but no! i get 3.6kb of PREMIUM dial up/ that is what i call PRO TECHNOLOGY... and guess what...its 3.6kbps to be shared in a small flat unit of 5 people...3.6kbps/5 =0.0000-Kill-me-now kbps....oh yea, no joke.

but anyways, its not all about the negative parts that im gonna spill the beans be honest, if you disregard the heavy traffic + slow internet speeds + damn spicy malay food + infestation of africans + continuous malay music spam....its kinda a cool place to start living on your serious! well, it would be a lot better if i had some access ot internet....

hmmm...and i know most of the readers of my blog practically read my blog to get some juicy anime realted news, so im gonna stick trueto it and dish out the goodies!

So far, i've had contact with a bunch of hardcore TCG players at Sungei Wang plaza, some anime shop phone numbers have also been gathered (YES!!! INSTANT ACCESS TO GOODS!), and of course...the cosplay circle in KL!!!! wahaha...and did i mention that i might also be able to get some contacts laid down with the organizers of the local COMIKET???? (for beginners, COMIKET is a shortie for "Comic Market")....

MUAHAHA...i know i know, im evil for getting so much contacts at once...but hey, what can i say? im good!

oh yeah and i forgot to mention, i'm eating maggi instant noodles at least once every two days (im lying, i eat it almost everyday now >.>)....its sooooo erm, yum?

I miss mcDonalds. Ouch.

and last but not least, good news to y'all! I'll be preparing a 2-post long review for an anime that i just cant watch without sharing it with you all....


yeah...wait for it.

in any case, i guess thats all for today...keep reading and stay peachie!

K.L. MOE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!