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Secrets du Croisé

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wakakaka...ano ne, welcome mina san!

ano i suppose i'll blog about one of my little fascinations - Crusaders!!!

truth be told, i absolutely love crusaders and everything about them, from their history to the way that they are being "visualized" and reborn today.

Seeing as how i am also a gamer, i of course play Crusader related games such as MapleStory SEA and Ragnarok Online^^~~~ so...i guess for today i'll put up a small post regarding the Crusaders that you can find in RO ~

Here is a picture of what Crusader's look like in Ragnarok Online :

mahahaha...damn they look awesome. Just look at those armours! Me wants T.T....

According to the what i can gather from my experience in Ragnarok Online, the description of Crusaders is well, still not very detailed. But i can safely tell you this...Crusaders are highly respected warriors. Why? Simple, because they are considered the "perfect" class in warrior hieracrchy. Crusaders possess high levels of Offensive and Defensive techniques, and not only that, they possess holy skills such as Heal and Grand Cross, making them the most feared characters in RO besides the Asura Monks.

However, although the Crusader is a strong character class, it is hard to actually qualify yourself to become one. Usually, most characters who start out at the swordsman stage focus mainly on becoming Knights as it is a simple job change, just talk to an NPC and next thing you know, your a Knight! But, in terms of Crusader job advances, one needs to take a certain amount of "tests" provided by NPCs to test your "Faith" and "Belief". This usually scares people away from taking the job advancement from becoming Crusaders though, so seeing Crusaders walking around RO isnt a common sight.

Having said that, for those who actually persevere and complete the advancement tests will be highly rewarded with the pride of wearing the holy armor and emblem of the Crusader. XD

In Ragnarok Online, there are many different sorts of "builds" for characters. Crusaders can also be categorized into Spear Crusaders, Grand Cross Crusaders, Shield Crusaders and so on. Choosing which type of Crusader depends highly on what type of play you enjoy really. For people who enjoy fast speed kills they'd most probably go for Spear Crusaders, as they are much easier to train and look cool anyway^^ For those of you who enjoy torturing yourselves with long hours of solo training but love to see CRAZY amounts of damage, your best bet would be the Grand Cross Crusader. And for a select few, Shield Crusaders would be your choice as you probably prefer the policy " a good offence is a good defence".

In any case, my favourite is still the Grand Cross Crusader^^ having the ability to use Heal on yourself, others or even to damage undead/demon class monsters is just too damn cool~ Whats more, the major skill "Grand Cross" deals crazy amount of damage to any opponent, plus the skill animation is by far the coolest i have ever seen! imagine this : A Crusader stabs his sword into the ground then a gigantic cross appears on the ground, blasting holy energy in all directions. ~~~~ Dammit its too cool *faints*

This may seem a little bias, but i have to say that Crusaders are the coolest looking class in RO so far...i mean, just look at them! :

and i dont have to point out AGAIN just how POWERFUL these crusaders are XD

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Puppe-Schöpfer des Rosengartens

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wakakaka...welcome back for more Zeraato goodness at my blog~ XD

ano ne, i hope you guys liked that first part of the Rozen Maiden post i did yesterday...ano sa ano sa, i guess today i'll finish up the little review with this part 2~

*Rozen Maiden post part 2*
Ok lets now take a look at the wonderful dolls that Rozen created, XD!!!!
Doll #5, Shinku 真紅 (Reiner Rubin) :

This is the main maiden in the anime series, Shinku!! Ano ne, Shinku is the 5th Rozen Maiden that was created by "Father" and is the first doll to appear in the series. Although extremely cute, Shinku is actually somewhat like a spoilt ariscratic brat! If you watch the series, you would find that Shinku seems extremely demanding and at most times does not care about others. However, that is not the case (also shows in the last few episodes of Traumend).

Shinku is, undeniably, the leader of all the Rozen Maidens. Her favourite lines include "Servant", "tea" and "What?". As you may already tell from how she looks like, Shinku loves to lecture others, read and abusing Jun at any chance she gets. Besides the series Rozen Maiden Traumend, Shinku (in other series) seldom lets others know of her emotions and thoughts.

And another thing, Shinku doesnt use words like "-chan", "-san" or "-kun" except when refering to "Father". This is extremely un-noticable to most anime watchers, as they dont really pay attention to this minor detail (most probably coz we are used to hearing characters say -chan or -kun).

Having said that, Shinku does have her cute side, which is shown when she watches her favourite tc show "KunKun". Basically, Shinku would scream, jump, grab a pillow, bite her nails and all sorts of adorable stunts when watching the show. Oh god, makes me want to pick her up and squeeze all the cuteness out of her!!! So kawaii ~~~ XP ~~~

Now touching on Shinku's combat abilities, she can be treated as one of the strongest Rozen Maidens, if not THE SUPERIOR of all Maidens. Shinku uses mystical rose petals and a cane as weapons. The rose petals are extremely versatile, because she can either use them as a shield or use them as missiles where they fly around a large area, causing maximum damage. The cane she will use as a sword-like weapon for slashing and blocking. Shinku's other powers include the ability to fix broken objects, which argueably is some sort of "time-change" power.

Every Rozen Maiden has a tiny spirit that follows them around, and in Shinku's case her spirit is called ホーリエ (Hōrie)... XP

.....and that was it for Shinku! now...lets see the next Maiden....

Doll #4, Souseiseki 蒼星石 (Lapizlazuri Stern) :

Souseiseki, one of the bravest of all Rozen Maidens. As one can probably tell from her outer looks, Souseiseki is actually a tomboy! According to the original series, Souseiki is a "dream gardener", where she can enter people's minds and tend to their dreams with her giant "sheers".
Combat wise, Souseiseki uses the giant sheers / scissors as a sword-like weapon for slashing, stabbing and shielding. Her other weapons include her spirit Lemprika and her hat, which both act as boomerang class weapons that can be thrown to disarm opponents.

Souseiseki, as you may see, has two different eye colours (left green and right red). Although tomboy-ish in nature, souseiseki is actually rational, calm, quiet and devoted to the elderly couple who are her masters. Some may even argue that Souseiseki's method of speech are more or less similiar to Shinku, sharp and to the point. Her personality is also that of sharpness and "to the point" in battle, where she will not tolerate any mistakes.

Sadly, Souseiseki is also drawn into the deadly Alice Game despite objections from the other Maidens. And even more unfortunately, Souseiseki is the first Maiden to die in battle. Her Rozen Mysticae was taken by Suigintou, and apparently it happens twice (original series and Traumend).

There is an certain amount of mystery to the fate of Souseiseki in the anime. Why? well, in the anime, Souseiseki and Hanaichigo are shown to be "dead" in the end. However, recent manga versions show that Souseiseki is missing from her Rozen Box. Mystery? Coincidence? We still have no idea..Is she still dead? Did she come back to life? Did she get her Rozen Mysticae back?...we have no idea...


Doll #3, Suiseiseki 翠星石 (Jade Stern)

Suiseiseki, the twin sister of Souseiseki. Both Suiseiseki and Souseiseki have double-coloured eyes, and are exactly opposite in characteristics and personalities. Just like Souseiseki, Suiseiseki also has the nickname of "soul gardener", as she also posseses the power to enter human minds and tend to their dreams.

Suiseiseki can be a humuorous character at most times, impressing everyone with her loud mouth and childishly amusing ideas. Unlike Shinku, Suiseiseki uses sentence-enders like "-desu" to an extreme level, further enhancing her childish yet attractive personality. Also noted to be a crybaby at times ^^ Although Suiseiseki is extremely shy when it comes to first encounters, she often shows her true LOUD and EXPLOSIVE personality to people she is comfortable with.

More of a "superstar-wannabe" type of character, Suiseiseki enjoys being noticed (basking in the limelight XP). Her more noticable traits and favourite things to do are actually very amusing, including her tenacity to smash Jun's bedroom window and disurb Hanaichigo at any chance she gets. Suiseiseki devises ingeniuosly amusing names for Hanaichigo, including "Chibi-Chibi" or "Chibi-Ichigo", which i personally find a highly amusing fact XD

Although Suiseiseki does not show it directly, she does care a lot for Jun. Amusingly, she always finds a way to hide this fact and ends up doing something that gets Jun in trouble, which also ends up in both of them argueing the day away.

Suiseiseki is also a pacifist in the series, and strongly disagrees with the Alice Game. Her attempts to save the other Maidens from the Alice Game results in herself being killed (very very VERY sad fact), with her Rozen Mysticae going to Barasuisho.

As with any other Maiden, Suiseiseki also has a Rozen Spirit, named スィドリーム (Sui Dorīmu), meaning "sweet dream".

....almost there^^ Maiden please~~~~

Doll #6, Hanaichigo 雛苺 (Klein Beere) :

its Chibi-Ichigo!!!! the 6th doll that Rozen created and is an absolute kawaii fiesta~

Hanaichigo is, and always will be, the embodiment of childishness at an extreme level! Although she is naive and selfish, she does care alot about the people around her, particularly Jun and Tomoe. And one very cute fact about Hanaichigo is that her movements and silly things she does in the anime really just make you smile in amazement ^^ Hanaichigo also apparently ends all her lines with the phrase "-na no"...another kawaii plus!!!!

Combat wise, Hanaichigo can be said to be the weakest of all Maidens, as she uses strawberry vines to attack (although she mostly uses them to defend). From the original series, Hanaichigo is beaten by Shinku (Hanaichigo is the first doll to be defeated and lose chance to become Alice). Although this happened, Shinku refused to take Hanaichigo's Rozen Mysticae. Instead, Shinku allows the Rozen Mysticae to be absorbed by Jun,thus letting Hanaichigo survive on Jun's energy. However, in Traumend, Hanaichigo dies once the Alice Game starts because "Father" cuts off the link between her and Jun. Losing her Rozen Mysticae to Shinku, Hanaichigo is the second Maiden to die. (i cried when that happened. dont laugh, i bet you would cry as well!)

Befitting her extreme kawaii-ness, Hanaichigo has a wide range of favourite foods. One of her favourites is Strawberry Daifuku, which she calls "unyuu" (dammit how cute is that!!!??? XD )~~~ one other of her favourite food is Nori's "Hanamaru Hamburger", which is a hamburger patty topped with a flower-shaped fried tamago (egg). Similiar to Shinku, Hanaichigo loves Detective KunKun as well,although it is safe to say that she is not as "rabid" as Shinku. Hanaichigo also loves to doodle, as throughout the anime u will catch Hanaichigo drawing with her favourite crayons on paper...kawai!!!!!!! XD

Last kawaii fact about Hanaichigo...her spirit also has a cute name : ベリーベル Berīberu !!!!! XD

...Next Maiden ~ Sanjyo-desu~

Doll #1, Suigintou 水銀燈 (Mercury Lampe) :

oh my god!!! its the bad guy!!! Suigintou, throughout the Rozen Maiden storyline, is one of the most prominent villains. She appears almost everywhere trouble is abrew. As you may be able to predict from her looks, Suigintou is extremely sadistic and will do anything in her power to win the Alice Game, even if she must cheat or use brute force. One interesting trait you can seemingly identify in Suigintou if you watch the anime is that she hates Shinku to the point where she calculates and keeps track of how many hours and minutes since their last meet.

Having said that Suigintou is ruthless, in Traumend things change a little. After Suigintou meets her medium, Megu (a very sick and bed-riden girl), she starts to show a more caring and softer side, and Suigintou wishes to save Megu by using Rozen Mysticae.

Using her artificial spirit, MeiMei メイメイ, Suigintou is able to conjure up gigantic wings. The purpose of the wings that she conjures up varies, mostly she uses them to fly but in combat situations, they can be said to be one of the most deadly weapons the Maidens may have to face. The feathers act like little Kunai or Shuriken that cut up anything they hit, while she also has the ability to change the feathers into a black magical dragon. Blue flames are Suigintou's secret weapons, and she only uses them at very dangerous situations. The variety in Suigintou's abilities, particularly when combined with her savagely cunning nature, make her a strong player in the Alice Game.

It is of course, revealed in Traumend, that Suigintou is also like the other Maidens. She has a weak and soft spot for others although she hides it with her mean looks. Being called a "Junk" or useless doll creation failure, Suigintou is extremely hurt by this and wishes to meet "Father" so that she can redeem herself and become the perfect doll "Alice".

Although Suigintou did face off with Shinku in the original series, that battle was stopped by Lapulas (magical bunny thingy) as acocording to Lapulas, the "Alice Game" of that time had already ended.

In the end of the series Traumend, Suigintou is brought back to life and she watches over her medium Megu...and interestingly, she smiles in the end!!!

....Last Maiden im going to talk on is below~

Doll #2, Kanaria 金糸雀 (Kanarienvogel) :

another kawaii copy of Hanaichigo, Kanaria is also adorable as hell although she does tend to be eccentric XD ... One very cute fact about Kanaria is that she always refer to herself in the third person method of speech, and she always talks about how she will gain her other sister's Rozen Mysticae but amusingly always fail in a funny way whenever she tries ^^

Kanaria is extremely cute as well because she always facies herself as a "stealthy prowler" and makes a weird hobby of watching her sisters from far away with binoculars. Although arrogant, Kanaria's bright comical attitude and personality make her the centre of attraction in many epidsodes~Despite this, she is a competent opponent and attacks with a deceptively adorable violin that destroys through its sound. Her personality mostly complements that of Hinaichigo, who eventually becomes her good friend and rival.

As with the other Maidens, Kanaria also has a very special method of speech. You can also notice if you watch the anime, that Kanaria always ends her sentences with "-kashira", which is like Hinaichigo's penchant for ending sentences with "na no".

Kanaria's favorite food is Tamagoyaki, or Japanese thick omelet, which, more often than not, is snatched away from her by hungry birds before she can enjoy it. She is introduced in the second season and makes a brief appearance in Ouverture, making yet another humorously over-the-top attempt to infiltrate Jun's home to steal her sisters' Rozen Mysticae.

Her artificial spirit is named after the technique ピチカート Pichikāto, of playing orchestral instruments by plucking the strings, which she uses as a counterattack.

....and i suppose that is all im going to blog on Rozen Maiden for today... XD enjoy~~~


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Stimmen des Erhebens

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mina san! we meet again~ hahaha....

so...back for another one of my blog posts? thanks for the support ne~ ano sa ano sa...i wonder what will i be blogging about today...hmmm....any ideas? >.<"

its about an anime that i find very very interesting...ローゼンメイデン !!!!

*ahem* before reading on...i wanna point out that im splitting this review into 2 parts...this is part one... XD.....
ne ne....ローゼンメイデン is Rozen! i suppose most of you out there know what is Rozen Maiden gua...hmmm...maybe not also....

in any case, here is a little pic to show the characters you can find in the anime :

haha, super kawaii ne?

ok ok...lets touch on the anime a bit ne~

The anime Rozen Maiden actually originated from the popular manga by the artist group Peach-Pit. Simply put, the story of Rozen Maiden revolves around this boy named Jun Sakurada who is "in debt" to a magical doll called Shinku. Throughout the anime, Jun experiences comical and embarassing situations with the other Rozen Maiden dolls that actually bring him back to the "real" world that he shut himself out of, letting him understand that there is more to life than just being alone.

Ano sa....from what i can gather, to explain the plot in more detail would be like this ne :
One day, Jun Sakurada (a boy who usually locks himself in his room and spends his time ordering supernatural "toys" to entertain himself with) receives a letter which asks wether he "accept"s or "not accept", and also states that after he has made the decision, the letter should be placed in the drawer of his desk where a spirit being will take it to the destination.

Although his skepticism and second thoughts, Jun still decides to accept the invitation letter and follows each of the instructions carefully, where soon after the letter magivally disappears....and what happens after that????

....a wooden box suddenly appears in his room...

curious, Jun opens the box and finds a gothic dressed doll with yellow bouncy hair. winding the doll up out of curiosity, Jun finds that the doll is able to move on its own, and slowly stands on its own and faces Jun. Opening its eyes, the doll announces "Shinku, the 5th Rozen Maiden doll"...

Shinku is a doll from the unique "Rozen Maiden" collection, and before Jun can fully comprehend the weight of his new situation, a stuffed clown plush doll attacks. Shinku promises that she will save Jun's life, but only if he will vow to serve her. Thus, Jun becomes entrusted with the responsibility of protecting Shinku's "Rosa Mystica" whilst she is engaged in a centuries old fight called throughout the series as "Alice Game" ,with the other Rozen Maiden dolls for the title of "Alice" so that they can meet "Father" (the person who created the original Rozen Maidens).

As you can probably derive from the ackward relationship between Jun and Shinku, there must be some sort of "agreement" or "contract" which might appear in the anime. indeed, according to the anime, the Rozen Maiden dolls get their power from human hosts or "servants" (according to what Shinku calls Jun), and in this case Jun Sakurada is the "medium" for Shinku.

now...lets consider a very very important question...Why do the Rozen Maidens exist and why do they need mediums?

nyoro~ XD....ano ne...because as i probably hinted earlier, the Rozen Maidens were created to participate in a competition named as the "Alice Game" so that the winner can meet the creator and be transformed into the most beautiful girl in the world. Although it sounds very amusing, since u have a bunch of dolls fight each other to gain one goal, in reality it is something that is extremely sad to think about....

why?.....because....all the Rozen Maidens are sisters, and to meet their "Father", they have to end up killing one is a really sad fact considering the relationships that they develop.

how would you feel if you had to kill your own siblings just to meet someone? doesnt feel good particularly now does it? >.<" ..........and of course, as any pvc plastic lover would do...i ordered a Shinku PVC

XD.... kawaii-pics :

XD ~~~ dammit Shinku is super kawaii~~~

gyahahaha....i cant wait till it arrives, i told MoMo Toys's Ben to put this on first priority for my imports...gyahahaa *evil laugh*


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die Geschichte von Kunai

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hello mina-san~!

so, i figured for today's post, i'd like to touch on a subject that everyone knows of, but not into extreme detail^^....the Kunai !!!

before we is a picture of my Kunai...wahahaha its plastic though -.-"...and in the background is my trusty laptop~~! :

....i bet anyone out there who knows about the existence of the anime Naruto would surely know what is a Kunai right?! of course you all do^^ but do you really REALLY understand the Kunai in all its forms and even its history? right? haha...thats why i wanna talk a bit about it here today ^^....

Explanation of Kunai :

The Kunai or くない , is a sort of hand made tool that was believed to be crafted during the Tensho era of ancient Japan. Basically, to save time and cost, Kunai were made of iron instead of steel, hence their rugged and cheap unpolished physical look and their size would averagely reach around 40 cm, or even 60cm at times depending on the forger.

Contrary to popular belief, the Kunai was originally not invented to be used as a weapon! (although when thrown can cause damage)... Back then, people would use Kunai as a sort of gardening tool or work on stone and masonry. Hence, i say again, the Kunai was not intended to be used as a knife at all. The blade of the Kunai was made of soft iron and unsharpened because the edges were used to smash plaster and wood, to dig holes and to pry with. Even so, only one tip would be sharpened if needed to. Considering the uses to which Kunai was used, many other tools would have long been broken, which is why the design of the Kunai is as one can see, simple, crude yet solid.

As for the shape and form of the Kunai, its design is basically a leaf-shaped blade and has a handle with a ring shapped cavity on its end, to support human fingers hence enhancing grip. The ring handle can also be used as a method of attaching ropes...This would allow the kunai's handle to be wrapped to act as a grip, or when used as a weapon to be strapped to a pole as a spear, to be tied to the body for concealment, or to use as an anchor.

Having said that, the Kunai has of course been made popular by the secret assasins of feudal Japan, or also known as the Ninja group.

Therefore, it is safe to say (in a way) that the Ninja actually developed their "advanced" weaponry out of common farm tools! The theory behind this is fairly simple : Since Kunai were cheaply produced farming tools of a decent size and weight, and could be easily sharpened, they were readily available to be converted into simple weapons of warfare or assasination.

According to Ninja mythology, and of course according to popular modern ninja anime, the Kunai is visualized or portrayed as a sort of throwing knife that is used as a throwing weapon (duh!) as opposed to stabbing. Physically speaking, the Kunai is of course heavier and larger in terms of size and weight compared to the Shuriken, and is naturally the weapon of choice for said Ninjas as the Kunai has a grip ( a shuriken doesn't) which comes in handy during close quarter combat situations.

Not only that, the Kunai is excellent for climbing purposes as it can serve as a piton or grappling hook. The ring shaped end of the Kunai not only served as a means of tying ropes, but also is a useful design in combat situations, where 2 or more kunai can be linked together and used together as a whole.

And that is about as much i have regarding the Kunai and it's history^^ i hope it wasnt too much or too little^^

oh and since im touching on this subject, i might as well bring up some other information on Ninja or Shinobi weaponry :

Forms of trickery used by the Shinobi / Ninja include gunpowder devices, cannons, firecrackers, metsubushi ("eye closers", or small bombs, filled with sand and metal dust that blind the targets), land mines, Ashiaro (animal tracks made of wood that are attached to the Ninja's sandals), Shobo (metal ring which can be used in close quarter combat to hit pressure points and cause extreme pain or cause paralysis), Suntetsu (also similiar to a shobo, but controled using the middle finger), Shinobikatana ( similiar in length to a wakizashi) and Shikoro-ken (used to slash wood chunks as a method of entering buildings).

hope you all liked today's post^^ and thanks for dropping by~ ja matta~

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Justification et dégagement

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yo everyone^^ welcome back to my blog to read on what i have to say for today^^ before you read on, i just wanna say ARIGATO GOZAIMASU NE~ haha^^ thanks for all the support you guys show by revisiting my blog again and again^^

OK! lets begin. XD...

i know its not a very good way to start a blog post, but i just wanna rant about this tiny little matter im facing, just to get it off my chest ^^"...well, its the same old parent-child problem again, as usual. My mom in particular. Bloody hell she just loves to torture me because im the eldest son, and worst yet, she loves to make me look bad because i am studying in Animation course...according to her view, the thing im studying is complete rubbish and she hates it to the core. She even throws out my stuff for one reason "i dont like it"...Fuck leh i always bomb the house when that happens...XD...but leh, she really has a problem with me lo, coz like, few years ago she keep pestering me say im useless piece of junk dunno how to earn money and that i can earn a bit of money on my own while studying, she come and say im acting very "keh-si" le, and then keep asking me to get lost and find my own house.

she mental de...i dun even want to talk about the physical abuse i have to go through *hides*

....that felt better! haha to the more serious stuff...the rest of my blog post^^ is my MapleStory character..just randomly appearing XD..

Lately, ive been receiving a lot of requests to start blogging about anime and the reviews and stuff like first it was just one or two people asking me, but as time went on more and more people came to me and said "You should blog more about anime and stuff, i wanna see!"...haha...i cant ignore that request le since so many people asking, so here goes :

today's featured Anime is..... iDolmaster : Xenoglossia...... ~~!!!

tada~! here is the opening shot of the anime ...

its done by Studio Sunrise! any anime lover who has a few years of anime watching experience under his/her belt would definitely agree that any mecha-based anime that is produced by either Bandai,Sunrise or Emotion (basically they are all linked anyway) is 100% pure quality. Why? Because,my dear friends, giant anime masterpieces like the Gundam series are products of Sunrise^^ simple theory isnt it?

but of course, one can argue that you cant judge a book by its cover alone. true, so lets look further into this anime :

ah! girls added in with mecha! isnt that what we all love??? Admit it! Over the years mecha animes that include a bunch of girls have ever since been popular, even till today^^ For example, Vandread..Martian Successor Nadesico...Rimuiro Senkitan...Sky Girls ( i'll be doing a review of this anime soon^^) and many that is another contributing factor to why iDolmaster is worth watching~

and if you look at the above picture, you'd see welcoming faces right??? the character art is cute, simple and most important of all, the characters are schoolgirls *drools*~~

random screenshot from the anime :

love the blend of colours!!! don't you?....

and of course, here is a snap of the opening scene:

very typical opening theme that most studios use these days, a group photo!!! why do i say that? ...ano ne...if any of you havent noticed...this shot is exactly similiar to Animes like for example : Air Gear.... dont believe me? go check out the opening for Air Gear and you'll see what i mean^^

and not forgetting, do you notice the penguin suit??? i dont know if Sunrise is trying to hint us that this anime might somehow have links and ties with the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion or not...because ne...that penguin design has similiarities with the penguin that appears in that is something to wonder about isnt it? XD

hahaha...enough with the comments, now i guess i'd better do a little introduction to the storyline of iDolmaster...

アイドルマスター XENOGLOSSIA , or also known as iDolmaster Xenoglossia (in english...duh), has a very simple yet interestingly refreshing storyline.

The show centers around iDol mechas and shows the ten prospective young Japanese schoolgirls as idols and as fighter pilots of those robots
Logically, as one can tell from the name of the anime, the mecha are of course reffered to as iDol, and of course the pilots (young girls) are the iDolmasters...very cheesy way of naming it but in a way its very cool^^

well, in the anime, Haruka Amami is the main character they focus on...although initially underconfident with herself,Haruka by surprise passes an audition to be a Japanese singing idol and she is sent to Tokyo to begin her all-star singing career...but what she doesn't know is that the agency that recruited her is actually a front for big task force which uses robots to save the Earth from falling pieces of the moon, or Lost Artemis...and as the story develops, characters like Yukiho Hagiwara and Iori Minase who also audition and want to be idols are also taken by the same task force to be iDolmasters.

haha, interesting isnt it? although that may be so, some of you might be confused so as to what are the several terms they use throughout the progression of the i guess i'll help you guys out a bit^^

iDol : these are gigantic machines that the human forces (Mondenkind) use to stop and destroy pieces of falling moon, since in the story, the moon was destroyed 107 years ago in an event they call "The Lost Artemis"..iDols can only be piloted by special young ladies as you can probably tell, and are made of a special silicon base material found from fallen fragments of the moon.

iDol names from Modenkind :

Prometheus-1 Imber
...piloted by Haruka Amami. Colors are : white and blue (episode 1-7), white and pink (episode 8 onwards) originating from the term Mare Imbrium.

Prometheus-2 Nebula
...piloted by Makoto Kikuchi and Iori Minase. colour is yellow and orange originating from the term Palus Neburalem.

Prometheus-4 Tempestas
...piloted by Mami Futami. Colour is origin unknown.

iDol names from Turiavita :

Prometheus-3 Nubilim
...piloted by Chihiya Kisaragi. Colour is black and originating from the term Mare Nubium.

Prometheus-5 Hiems
...piloted by Makoto Kikuchi. Colour is white and originating from the term Mare Hiemis.

Epimetheus-1 "Epi-Chan"
...piloted by RIFFA. colour is blue.

other related terms :
Lost Artemis - this is the event 107 years before the story of iDolmaster, where the moon is destroyed and fragments of the moon drop to earth killing more than 1/4 of the population.

Drops - the term used in the anime to symbolize asteroid chunks (actually fragmented pieces) of the moon. through the anime, they refer to these drops as "Mint Drops" or "Lemon Drops" according to the size of the asteroid piece. Mondenkind's job is to take care of any drops that are bigger in size than the Lemon-class drops. As such, only Japan has iDols.

.....erm...that was the first time i have done such a critical review of any anime here on my erm..hahahaha...if there is any mistakes please dont flame me ^^"

i guess thats it for today's little blogpost...stay tuned for tomorow's ... XP

Tige d'Esprit de Fantaisie

Zeraato's Mood : Inspired
Featured Song : "Almateria" by Eri Kawai
Yo everyone^^ once again another typical Sunday here in Kuching...nothing much to do except melt your brain cells with mindless tv programmes or pc games...sad fact really, but hey, i aint complaining^^
hmmm...basically today i had a sort of mini marathon on shows and movies including Transformers the movie, Resident Evil Extinction, Reaper, and Family Guy. quite a blend of genres if you ask me, and thats why im still blur from the aftermath that turned my mind into a space for rent now...LOL
anyway, the first movie i watched today:

Resident Evil Extinction!!! yeah...well basically this movie is kinda ok, i give it a 7 out of 10 rating.

Why??! hmmm....because ne...first off i like the way the movie makes me jump off my seat... -.-" im serious, this is one of the first movies to ever make me jump off my seat. i absolutely love to torture myself with movies that have scenes where zombies or whatever just randomly pop up and scare the shit outta you. oh and dont forget the fact that this is Resident Evil were talking about here, surely you dont wanna leave out the slice-and-dice bloody mary scenes^^

but, BUT...i fkin hate the ending. trust me, if i had the right to demand a refund i would, because the bloody ending is just so fkin cheesy. The main bad guy, Proffesor whats-his-name, apparently turns into one of the super zombies and kills people with his long,slimy, fuck-off tentacles...he quotes this line "i am the future, you cannot kill me"...for a villain like that who eradicated an entire Umbrella Corporation facility to just die by being sliced accidentaly by a laser system, you be screaming "give me my refund!" as well.... i mentioned earlier, i rate it 7 out of 10...the 3 points deducted from the rip-off ending...

nyahaha...i know there will be a lot of people saying that im slow, but the next movie i watched today was this :


i know, i know...the movie has been released for several months now...can't blame me, i hadn't the time to catch it while it was in cinemas, so i can only wait for the dvd release here to get it and watch^^

hmmm....this movie, i'd honestly say, is amazing. the fluidity in which the mecha move in this film is just too amazing to critique at. imagine all the framework all the artists had to do just to make the scenes, it must have been hell!

there isnt much to comment on Transformers to be honest, everything seems to be perfect...for now...

rating on Transformers : 9 out of 10...1 point deducted from the "fast death" of Megatron. show for today, Reaper! found this show in the pendrive Dorothy lent to me, and its quite new from what i heard XD

but before continuing on my review for this show, i'd like to say...Dorothy! Your pendrive is absolutely infected with Trojan viruses!!! plopped it in my usb port and next thing you know, trojan alerts fired everywhere...lucky i eradicated the threats before something happened T.T...
which again leads me to quote one of my favourite lines " pendrive sharing is like unprotected sex"...i coined that line after a virus attack originating from Jim (dammit you enjoy poking pendrives into any usb port you see don't you? fuck off!)

lol...that aside, Reaper is quite an entertaining watch. From the looks of it at first i have to admit it does give me the impression of a silly low budget brainwasher show, but 5 minutes into the show and i sort of embraced it XD...hmmm, what can i say about it? well, the cast is ok, the story is very typical "American-style-useless-television-spam" -ish, graphics are sort of like a Buffy the Vampire Slayer half breed,BGM is ok-ish...overall not a bad watch, compared to other spam shows^^

rating on Reaper : 5 out of 10...5 points deducted from professionalism and weird plot progression.

last show for today :

some "Typical-American-Style-Animated-Crap" show..but very amusing!

why do i rate it as "amusing crap"?

first, i bloody hate the american style artwork...its shit. No offense.

secondly, absolutely love the use of language. words like "fuck" or "shit" or "sex" or other godly forms just appear randomly, which is highly amusing.

next, i just love the cheesy thinking of the script-writers who made this show a parody of other famous shows like Star Wars...its funny the way they follow the plot of the original but add in bits and pieces of hillarious comments and lines. classic XD

hence the conclusion that this show is "amusing crap"...hahaha!

...that was it i guess, not one of the best Sundays, but still worth blogging about^^

stay tuned for more updates tomorrow^^

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Die Sterne

Zeraato's Mood : Exhausted
Featured Song : "Yume no Tamago" by Ichiko Hashimoto

Yo all!!! Welcome back again to my blog, its great that you all drop by to read what i have to blah about ^^

Anyway, guess what? My artbook arrived in the mail today!!! Wheee~~~

Neon Genesis Evangelion Die Sterne ver2.0....ya^^ its beautiful i tell you^^ i was so down when Dorothy said that it was out of stock in Kinokuniya Kuala Lumpur...i was really really sad, coz this artbook has been on my search list for few years now T.T

Luckily, Uncle Melvin found it in Singapore!!! The last one in stores leh~~~ Thanks uncle Mel^^

ok ok, here are the pictures :

1. The beautiful cover <3

2. The decorative back^^

3. OMFG!!! Its gothic Asuka!!! <3 ~~~

4. Random page...look at the details and colour!!!

5. damn this illustration artbook is really worth the money^^

*note : Neon Genesis Evangelion and its merchandise is all rights reserved of Gainax*

...other than that, i spent the whole day at Yume's place with Eichi nechan doing the video editing for the cosplay video that we shot few days ago in campus...we had to custom make the opening, so it took us a whole day to jsut animate 18 seconds of footage...T.T....hopefully we can get it all done in a few days~

Friday, October 5, 2007

Rebirth of melancholism

Zeraato's mood : Melancholic
Featured Song : "Yume no Tamago" by Ichiko Hashimoto

hi all! its been a while since i last updated my blog posts, and i apologize for that. Why? well, several reasons actually...wanna know ah? k loh..just read on^^

First of all, i've been keeping myself busy with this :

Its RahXephon!!! don't be too quick to judge it because it is a mecha based anime, because you'd be absolutely mistaken. The anime doesnt focus on the mecha or the fight scenes. In fact, i would hardly categorize it as a mecha anime because it lacks the fights and explosions compared to other anime that have been bandwagoned as mecha stereotypes.

Rather, this anime focuses more towards theories, humanity issues, myths, music and most of all, character discoveries and developments.

I absolutely love this anime masterpiece, and i wish that it could be extended more. To be honest, its the second anime to make it onto my permanent love list, besides Evangelion. Its all the dark melancholic developments complimented with godly music and story progression that hooks me to the limit, and i strongly suggest everyone to watch this one^^

A bit of summary on RahXephon, the story is about Kamina Ayato, a 17 year old human who is classified as "Murian" because he lived in Tokyo Jupiter ( Tokyo was engulfed in a gravity distortion field in the shape of Jupiter) . According to the anime, Murians have blue blood, and are seen as "aliens" although they are perfectly human. Like any logical reason, of course the humans would want to annihilate any "threat" that they see fit, which is why TERRA (earth alliance's elite army) wages battle with MU (name given to Tokyo Jupiter's forces).

Its very very hard to explain, but i definitely encourage you all to pick this up and watch it from start to finish, it will definitely keep you hooked^^

...Moving on, another reason as to why i havent been updating my blog for such a long time is this : SAA Charity Cosplay Event 9/30.

yes, you heard me right, i cosplayed. dont laugh -.-"

Cosplay is extreme fun! i can honestly tell you that. It's always been a dream of mine to someday be a cosplayer, and thanks to Cosworld, i was given that chance^^

not only that leh, i appeared in newspapers with the other cosplayers as well^^ omedeto mina san!!!

want the pictures? haha i have too many right now, amounting up to 4 gig in total (that is a lot of pictures!!!) have to wait until i get all the pictures categorized and sorted out loh~ haha...

stay tuned oh^^