Sunday, May 17, 2009

Week 13...time to buckle up for the ride!

Featured Artworks :

YAY~ 4 uploads at once omg!!!

i know it looks messy that i uploaded all 4 works like that, but its no choice T.T i havent been online since the last post so i have to post more to make it up to you guys orz~~~

okok, so...COMMENTS please~~~ i know you all like to do that xD

you dont have to log in to the comments section just to do that, erm, how bout post it in my chatbox conveniently placed to your right?


thinking of starting RO fanarts...but i wonder if it'll get good response???

hrm... >.<

oh and its week 13. 2 more weeks to end of semester.

= FINALS omg (+_+)"

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