Thursday, May 21, 2009

Painter Practice - Path to Improvement

Featured Artwork :Hi everyone :3

sorry this wont be a very long super super busy with the digital portfolio work and because i didt get enough sleep last night..*slept around 4am*...


as you can see, what iuploaded this time is a Screenshot orz T.T yeah, i know, it sucks...but the "lesson" im trying to teach myself is "oil painting"...or somwthing like that @@ i know im still stuck using the watercolor brush inn Painter but im trying to achieve an oil it'll look more or less like Baroque style art...

meh, it still looks like its manga influence but wth...thats what i want !

*practice practice*
P/S : above is a small thingy i did for fun xDD awesome aint it xD

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